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rehydrated magnesium oxide 

rehydrated MgO.

  • Rehydrated magnesium oxide is the most cost-effective method for producing a highly reactive industrial Mg(OH)2 slurry

  • This complex chemical process was studied comprehensively in the 1960s.

  • Several scientific studies were completed to perfect this process with multiple stages.

typical specifications.

  • Mg(OH)2 percentage is dependent on MgO purity level and calcination process

  • various particle size options

notable manufacturing locations.

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

potential application.

  • used as a pH buffer and alkalinity source 

  • helps to neutralize acidity

  • manufactured primarily as a slurry with dry powder options 

  • used as an alkalinity source with a predictable reactivity

  • is non-hazardous and non-corrosive

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