Our Partners

Our partners are important to our success and ability to serve our customers.

CIMBAR Performance Minerals, founded in 1914, delivers critical raw materials to industries around the world. They are recognized globally as the leading supplier of barium sulfate. 

See the CIMBAR website for more information

Providing efficient and cost effective boiler, furnace, and combustion solutions for process, cement and utility industries.


At Garrison Minerals, we are excited to be partnering with Efficient Fuel Additives (EFA) to deliver cost effective solutions for slagging and fouling issues in utility coal fired boilers as well as cement kiln and biomass plant applications.

See the EFA website for details.

Distribution Channels

In addition to direct sales, Garrison Minerals partners with the following value added resellers.  



Distribution Partnership Opportunities

In order to facilitate expansion into new areas, Garrison Minerals actively seeks collaboration opportunities with local businesses for mixing and distribution services. 

Contact us at info@garrisonminerals.com for more information.

We are currently seeking mixing/distribution partners in the following regions:

  • Great Lakes
  • North East (PA, NY, NH)
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Texas/Oklahoma
  • Minnesota/Dakotas


Garrison Minerals is also actively seeking a partnership with freight carriers with experience in bulk liquids to handle our slurry shipment demands.  

Contact us at info@garrisonminerals.com for more information.